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Cheryl Matschek, PhD, MA, MS, CCII
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Natural Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Factors for Greater Health

As a Doctor of Natural Health Sciences, Nutrition and Iridology, and Master Herbalist, Cheryl brings great wisdom, insight and practical knowledge to individuals or groups who desire to improve their health naturally. Whether it is an overview of what creates good health (and what jeopardizes it) or a specific topic in health, Cheryl customizes her presentations to the need of each group. More information...

Professional Practice Development

Private practice is an exciting, stimulating experience—but one that can become frustrating and energy draining when the practice is not healthy or is headed in a direction not of your choice. Many professionals find it difficult to manage day-to-day operations while delivering high-quality service. Cheryl helps you develop your practice so you can be in control, rather than your practice controlling you. More information...

Unlocking Personal Potential

Cheryl believes that as your people grow, your company grows, not the other way around. Training in the Unlocking Personal Potential area is designed to assist those employers who desire to give their employees the foundation they need for lifelong personal and professional growth and development. More information...

Motivation and Inspiration

Many people see motivation and inspiration as a lot of "rah rah" and not much more. Not Cheryl! Are you looking for substance that participants can begin using immediately? Do you want someone who understands people and translates that to bring about changes in personality, behavior/habits and relationships? Is it important for your people to build lasting, rewarding relationships and to tap further into their potential? Do you have people who just seem to "get through the day" without much enthusiasm for what they are doing? More information...

Principled SellingSM

Cheryl is an expert in sales! She has been doing it for years and has taught selling skills since 1976. She knows what selling looks and feels like from the inside, and her unique view of sales is guaranteed to persuade, invigorate, stimulate and inspire salespeople (and everyone else who thinks they really aren't salespeople) to new levels of achievement. Regardless of the type of business you have, or work within, you are in sales! More information...

Principled LeadershipSM

Leadership begins with a clear direction (values, vision, mission) and effectively communicating that to employees. Cheryl will show you how to do this in a way that gains ownership from every employee, gets everyone on the same path, and generates enthusiasm to move towards that vision day by day. And, if you haven't developed clear values, vision and mission—she will help you do just that. Further, she brings leadership at all levels to a deeper understanding of their people, and teaches them how to create an environment where employees can flourish and their businesses can grow—even in the midst of a tough economy! More information...

Iridology Certification Course

Iridology (analysis of the structure and color of the iris) is a very effective assessment process that Cheryl often uses in her health practice. She has been requested to present to non-iridologist and non-practitioners as well, to those who are interested in health and have heard about iridology, presentations to understand what this is and what it can identify. As a Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor (C.C.I.I.), she also teaches certification courses for those who desire to become certified in Iridology. Please visit Cheryl's health website for further information. More information...

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