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Cheryl Matschek, PhD, MA, MS, CCII
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Speak from the heart—and captivate the audience! That's Dr. Cheryl Matschek! Cheryl is a dynamic platform professional with penetrating insights. She brings an intense spark to meetings and conferences with her tremendously high energy and unique style that is as original and exciting as what she has to say. Her widespread popularity stems from her penetrating insights, knowledge, enthusiasm and incredible spirit. By the way she has of getting her message across, you know she is talking to you.


Cheryl has a powerful ability for establishing rapport with her participants, communicating practical principles and providing "how-to's" for turning information into personal action and positive results. She has a remarkable understanding of people, and challenges individuals at all levels to create more successful ways of working, relating and interacting with themselves and others.


Are you ready for a boost in your team spirit, a bit of bonding between your employees, a new attitude and renewed enthusiasm in your employees toward your mission and vision, a time of working together to solve a problem, or just a "facilitated" time together to create better working relationships or a brainstorming session to help identify new ways to greater impact and effectiveness? Cheryl will customize a dynamic, meaningful retreat for your team or organization to meet your needs.


Through years of experience, Cheryl has gathered an unusual wisdom of the areas in which she speaks, trains and consults. As a result, many clients retain her as a consultant to analyze corporate and individual strengths and weaknesses, help identify strategies to increase productivity and effectiveness, and work with individuals, teams or work groups at all levels for personal and professional growth.

Whatever the event, participants leave
with new skills and inspiration and the ability to
get results immediately! Call Cheryl at 503-647-5754 today.

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