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 [ Success: Personally and Professionally book cover ]


Back to the basics with this inspirational and motivational, easily readable book with practical, everyday wisdom to help you achieve success personally and professionally. Coilbound.

$9.95 per book, plus $3.00 shipping and handling for the first book and $2.00 for each additional book to the same address.

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 [ The Principled Practice book cover ]

THE PRINCIPLED PRACTICE: A Comprehensive Guide to the Non-Clinical Aspects of Dentistry

This book is truly a "reference" that you will return to again and again in your daily practice.

Cheryl writes in three parts. Part One: You and Your Practice: The Doctor as Leader, deals with vision, mission and values. Part Two: You and Your Employees: Building Your Team relates 'how-to's for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, motivating, evaluating, and terminating employees. This will be one section you'll refer to over and over again throughout the life of your practice. Part Three: You and Your Patients: Building Your Practice is what many dentists have been asking for! In a step-by-step, practical format, you'll learn about marketing and sales and how to communicate with patients for greater treatment acceptance. Learn how to have your patients loving the experience and referring new patients time and time again! 392 pages, hard bound.

Written for the dental industry, but is applicable to any business!

$49.95 per book, plus $4.95 shipping and handling for the first book and $3.00 for each additional book to the same address.

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[ What to Say When... cover graphic ]

A Communication Guide for Dental Personnel

Increase communication effectiveness in every area of your dental practice!
What to Say When helps every team member, including the doctor, develop verbal skills that will increase effectiveness in every part of the practice. Not just another book to glance through and shelve. What lies between the covers of this book are countless ways of responding to situations in every dental the dentist, hygienist, clinical assistants and administrative personnel. Learn it...practice it...and enjoy the results!

$39.95 per book, plus $3.00 shipping and handling for the first book and $2.00 for each additional book to the same address. Coilbound.

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 [ For the Love of Princess book cover ]

Surviving the Loss of Your Pet

For some who have never had the opportunity to love a pet, and then experience the incredible pain of losing that beloved pet to death, this may not seem like a book related to health or well being. But for those who have, you understand how important the healing is to your overall health and well-being.

In For the Love of Princess, Cheryl beautifully portrays the loving bond and companionship that goes beyond the boundaries of humanity with her canine companion of nine years. Torn by the news of impending death and the realization of the limited time they have left together, Cheryl reveals the pain of early grieving, the agony of making the decision for euthanasia and the universal language of communication as they face the end together. The many emotions involved in losing a pet, including disattachment, denial, anger, depression, guilt and letting go when the time has come, are addressed and practical suggestions are offered for coping with each. A most beautiful love story!

$14.95 per book, plus $3.00 shipping and handling for the first book and $2.00 for each additional book to the same address.

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Personal and Professional Development Session System covers


Tired of knowing you should do a performance review and never getting around to it? Or keeping adequate documentation in your employee personnel files?

Put an end to the uncertainty and drudgery of the typical performance review. Turn the process into a positive experience looked forward to by both the employee and the manager/supervisor.

The PPDS System includes two notebooks per set (one for the employer and one for the employee), tabbed dividers for each section, appropriate forms (basic employee information, salary history, training and development forms, etc... and the performance review forms for both the employer and the employee.) and detailed guidelines on how to use the system.

This system makes it easy to conduct the performance reviews, as well as keep necessary employee documentation and personnel records in one place.

A single set is $39.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling;
a set of 5 each is $169.95 plus $16.95 S&H ;
a set of 10 each is $319.95 plus $21.95 S&H.

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Cooking for Health cookbook cover

COOKING FOR HEALTH: Without meat, dairy, or refined sugar

This is a tremendously valuable cookbook for those who prefer to eat a vegan diet based on fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts and grains. There is no meat, dairy or refined sugar used in any recipe. Recipes for all meals, as well as beverages, appetizers and desserts are included. There are over 350 recipes in all. Great for yourself...and great as a gift!

Coilbound. $24.95 plus $4.95 per book for shipping and handling, per address. Second and subsequent books to the same address, $3.00 per book shipping and handling.

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